No BOBS & B.S Zone Instructions

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The No BOBS Zones & No B.S. Zones educational materials point out the following identifying activities to look out for on their block or apartment. If they see any of the following direct or indirect activities they are to keep a close inconspicuous eye on them and/or call 911 immediately, depending on the type of threat or danger and severity of the situation:

1. Aggressively raising your voices, swearing or cursing at or about another

2. Emergencies, threatening or intimidating anyone with harm, even in jest

3. Offering or suggesting to fight another, even in jest or thru a 3rd party

4. Any hostile, menacing, physical aggression, stalking or violent behavior

5. Behavior that suggests a propensity toward violence

6. Defacing or causing physical damage to anyone’s property

7. Possession or use of firearms, knives, explosive devices or any weapons

8. Any intentional or reckless acts that harm persons or properties

9. Anyone known to act violent, assaultive, dangerous or carrying weapons

10. Excessive drinking and/or drug use, or public intoxication

No BOBS also teaches neighbors how to take back their neighborhoods one block at a time by being smarter, staying calm and exercising good judgment in their No BOBS Zones and No B.S. Zones. No BOBS will hold events, block parties, mass mailings and go door to door to create its Zones and to get people in neighborhoods involved and to let them know that it’s safe and there’s no need to fear of any retaliation if the whole or majority of the block’s houses have No BOBS Zones posters.

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