About Us

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Mission Statement

To reduce the slayings and violence (proactively), to save lives, reduce prison populations and recidivism, save taxpayers and cities money, offer alternatives to violence, and work with other like-minded organizations to help the survivors.


What We Are About:
​Preventing Crime and Violence (Especially Before it Happens)
-Being proactive with the No BOBS challenges, No BOBS Zones, No B.S. Zones, and more!
-Changing the way of thinking, for the BOBS and offenders.
-Getting the neighborhoods, businesses, officials, media, and Survivors to get involved to collectively help bring down the alarming murder rate with our programs.

Public Safety (For Every Age, Community, Neighborhood, Family, & Individual)
-The No Bullies, No BOBS, and the No B.S. (No Body Slayings) campaigns.
-The Night Light program (provides light bulbs for front and back porches).
-The PUSH RECORD program (Encourage people to record all suspicious acts in their neighborhoods).
-Teaching the people how to police their own neighborhoods and to call the police.
-Providing updated relevant information from our social media team.

Provide Assistance to Those Affected by Violence , Slayings, & Incarceration (Being Reactive)
-Feed a Family a Month program.
-Food for Funerals program.
-Grief counseling, life coaching, and prayers.
-Mentoring at-risk youth and adults, survivors, and ex-offenders.