Meet the Team

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Our Staff

Derek Morris, President/Founder/CEO
Shaamora Harden, Vice President, MBA
Ronika Pumkin Morris, Executive Social Media Manager

Wayne Wheat, Executive Operations Manager
Justine Clarke, Executive Webmaster

Tonya Kinchelow, Executive, ABR SFS
Catrina Wilburn
, Executive

Priscilla Morton, Executive 


Our Biographies

Derek Morris
Born in Indianapolis and a single parent, he’s been an artist since he was 10 years old and started his first business at 12. He has an art studio, does personal training (life coaching), and has a tattoo shop. He has a soft heart for people. Living people, as he clarifies, “I don’t want to chase corpses. After someone’s dead, we can have a vigil, too. But I want to stop corpses.” No Black On Black Slayings came about from the news. Watching reports every night of black folks killing each other broke his heart. As a man of God, he poured his heart to his Father, “God, please do something.” What stirred in his heart was “No, you do something.” All of his efforts go back into the neighborhood. He wants to mentor. His has an open door policy, especially to those men coming out of prison. He shares his shop and ink to get men started in their own business.


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